Monday, February 16, 2015

All about Chicans class!

Today, in this class, we are going to be learning about Chicaboom land. All you students will have to write an essay fully in Chicans, no English pushed in into it. You can't cheat, because then you'll get detention. We will be learning about their country, their people, their religion, their nature, their language, and the Chicans royal family. Well, let's start! First, we'll start off with the language, it's backwards English. I know what you're thinking: "Oh, that's so easy!", but no, it's not easy, it's actually pretty complicated. One time I tried to speak it, and I messed up a couple of times. Raise your hand, whoever has been working on their Chicans essay.
Hermione, whoa! Don't clap in my ears like that, it'll damage my eardrums! If you want to show me something, then just raise your hand. Oh, how nice, you've been working on your essay, let me take a look at it.
Wow, oh my gosh, this is exclusive work, Hermione. Good job, you get an A+!
What's wrong, Hermione? Aren't you happy that I gave you an A+? Come on, tell me what's going on.
You have to tell me! Oh whatever, guys? Take Hermione to the bedroom, she needs to rest.

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